Ford Windstars and minivans have been wildly popular both for their practical use as well as their safety. However, they have not been without their problems. Several issues have arisen over the years which called into question the quality of the design and assembly of the vehicles as well as the safety.

One of the big problems with the Windstar was the intermittently faulty ABS electronic control module (ECM).  A simple defect in design and manufacturing caused ABS failures and headaches for many.  We wrote about the common symptoms and how to replace the unit on the page ABS light on dtc c1185 abs ecm repair or replacement.

Still, despite the fact that Ford quit producing minivans in 2007, the Aerostar, Windstar and Freestar still live on as champions in the used car market, and have their fans worldwide. DIY backyard mechanics have risen to the challenge of repairing these vehicles and restoring them back to showroom glory – or at least enough to make them a daily driver to be proud of.

This site is dedicated to Ford Windstar, Freestar and Aerostar owners to help them solve those problems that plague the Windstar so they can keep their Ford Minivans on the road. Contributions are welcome.